About Us

The founder Vishwanath Reddy belongs to the league of engineers who are dreaming big by embracing creativity. A self learned professional who believes in following minimalism to achieve extravagance. His understanding of lighting and colors reflects his command over the art, the equipment and technology.

Visual Monks nurtures a team of cherry picked Still & Motion professionals renowned for capturing priceless moments with elan. We collectively believe in documenting fine moments of your life and visually narrate the entire story beautifully.

We stay ahead of the curve by embracing technology as it evolves; because we love good cameras that can capture life as we see. The word Monks defines our undeterred focus to capture life with a little box, otherwise we are very nice and interesting people to work with.

Movies our other muse: Vishwanath Reddy has also been the Directory of Photography for 2 Telugu short-films and a feature film named, Vytharani, Vara & Manu respectively. Vytharani’s genre is dark humour where as Vara is a Sci-Fi thriller and both received critical acclaim. Manu on the other hand is a crowd funded feature film and is the most awaited release of 2018. Vishwanath’s cinematography for the film Manu has been raved and discussed about for its uncanny brilliance.

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